An iPad case that turns the back of your device into a touchpad

What better than one touch screen? Two touch screens, of course.

HandyCase is a mobile case series that enables front and backside touch controls for iPhones and iPads. This technology can be integrated into OEM tablets, car consoles, wearable computer, toys and gaming consoles to allow a unique experience when using your device. HandyCase for iPads and iPhones is available from from $99 and mass production units will be available on 2Q2016.

The mobile device case is smart, ergonomic and allows 1- and 2-handed interaction with virtually any application that utilizes the HandScape API. The SDK currently supports Cocos2d, Cocos3d and Unity3d games engines.

The  product is hard to describe, so take a look at these photos to help understand how they are used.


HandyScape, the people who make the HandCase, have announced that they recently closed their first round of funding for $2M and separately exceeded their Kickstarter goal. The company recorded reaching the $100,000 crowdfunding goal in less than 3 weeks.

“Our technology will eventually allow everyone to tap and swipe ergonomically and with ease, on both sides of every touch-controlled mobile device in the market,” said Min Hui, CEO of HandScape.

HandScape has recently updated their SDK to encourage more Games and App Developers to use their technology.

“We foresee advance and innovative applications for Games, Education, Camera Apps, Physical Rehabilitation and so many more,” said Tong Luo, Founder and CTO of HandScape. “The growing issue of repetitive trauma syndrome along with developers constantly racing to make games more engaging is now addressed with our patented technology,” he adds. The company also looks to partner with more Game Developers today.

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