Eurocom Commander I offers secure computing for enterprise users

Eurocom – the name is synonymous with fast and powerful gaming rigs like the Sky X9E laptop which we reviewed a while back.

This time, the Nepean, Ontario-based computer maker is training its sights on enterprise and government organization users with one of its latest creations. Grab a look at its Commander I laptop.

Eurocom Commander I


Slab-like appearance. Smooth but grippy matte black finish all around.

The rig has a solid feel to it even before you touch it.

The 15.6″ screen, by the way, is full-HD with a resolution of 1920-by-1080 pixels.

The panel can be opened up to 180 degrees.

Everything feels pretty solid, save for the lid that appears to have a bit more sway to it that it should.

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The laptop’s actual dimensions are: 15.28×10.38×1.32-inches

While it’s definitely smaller than most Eurocom gaming laptops, there’s nothing lightweight about the commander. It weighs in at 2.5kg  or 5.5lbs

Pop the lid open and you’ll find the on/0ff button dead centre in front of you.

The keys are well spaced and excellently positioned – Each one is very responsive and has the satisfying, quite feedback. And yes, they are backlit.

I especially like the huge space Eurocom allotted for the user’s hands to rest on while typing. There’s enough space as well for the large touchpad and fingerprint reader.


On one side – you’ll find various ports including 3 USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI outlet, there is a built-in ExpressCard slot and smart card reader

On the other side: you’ll find the headphone and mic jacks… a USB 2.0 port -something that you don’t also see in high-end laptops these days – an optical drive.

Eurocom said they added this in response to customer requests for an upgradable optical drive than can serve as DVD and Blu-Ray drive as well as additional storage drive bay.

The Commander’s aesthetics could best be described as all business…

…Until you get to the Eurocom logo, which for me, brings to mind Eurocom’s affinity to the gaming world.

But make no mistake we’re definitely going into business territory with the Commander.

Mark Bialic, Eurocom’s president, says the Commander is “designed for government, healthcare and corporate professionals engaged in mission-critical computing.”

Our review unit came with an Intel Q170 Skylake chipset an Intel i7 processor, and  an Intel HD Graphics 530 video controller

What’s inside:

  • Chipset: Intel Q170 (Skylake)
  • Processor: up to 2.8GHz 8MB cache; socket LGA1151; Intel i7-6700T, 6600T, 6500T; 12nm; TDP 35W
  • Memory: up to 32GB; DDR3-1600, 1866, 2133; SODIMM; two 204-pin sockets
  • Video Controller: Intel HD Graphics 530
  • Storage: up to 2TB of storage; three drives (9.5mm HDD/SSD + 7mm HDD/SSD via ODD bay + M.2 SSD)


  • Smart Card Reader
  • Finger print scanner
  • Kensington lock port for data and hardware

It is prewired for an upgradeable 4G LTE or UMTS/HSPA+ M.2 3042 card module support.

Through an M.2 slot, so users can easily add an M.2 internet module with a SIM card to have a reliable internet connection on the go.

The Commander supports Up to 32 GB of memory and up to 2TB of storage

The laptop can support three types of storage, including M2 SSD SATA, 9.5 mm HDD/SSD SATA and another 7mm storage drive that can be installed by replacing the optical drive.

All in all, there’s potential for 3.5 TB of storage.

For security, the Commander is equipped with: a fingerprint scanner, Kensington lock port to keep data and hardware safe a smart card reader.

The Commander is pre-wired for upgradeable 4G LTE or UMTS and HSPA. Users can also easily at an M2 Internet module with a SIM card to boost the reliability of Internet connection.

The Commander can be hooked up to an optional hot docking station

The hot swappable docking station gets rid of cable mess from your desk, increase connectivity and expandability.

It weighs less than two pounds and measures 15” x 18” inches, supports a storage drive or optical drive. The storage drive can act as a data backup.

Eurocom Commander with dock


As usual, we give this Eurocom rig high marks for power, speed, and functionality.

It’ s packed with a humongous 2 TB of storage, Intel’s powerful Skylake chipset, 32GB of memory, ports galore, full HD screen and even an optical drive.

Battery life was good for about 5 hrs.

The Commander was not designed for media consumption.

However, images appeared crisp and text was easily readable on the 15.6-inch FHD display. Colour saturation and contrast were excellent.

Its integrated graphics are more than enough for tasks such as basic HD video editing.

One trade off though is its weight and bulk. This is no sexy, slim ultrabook.

Unlike most business laptops in the market these days, the Commander offers an enviable selection of customization options.

The security feature Eurocom built into the Commander makes it an ideal machine for government, healthcare and corporate professionals who routinely deal with sensitive and personal information.


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