Samsung Galaxy Book Review

The Samsung Galaxy Book is a neat, compact and beautifully-built, 2 in 1 device that comes with an S Pen and a detachable keyboard that functions as a stand.

This device gives the best of both worlds – it can be used as a business device – as a full laptop, with a keyboard running off Windows 10 Pro and as a tablet. During my review, I used the office products, like Word, Excel, One Note and Outlook. They all worked great, just like a full laptop. There were no glitches or issues.

What stands out to me is the screen, with a 2160×1440 resolution, the super AMOLED display gives a vivid look, that is clear and crisp providing a wide array of brilliant colours in photos and videos.

Another key area that this device stands out in, is performance. It was fast, smooth and flowing. Opening apps and browsing the internet load very quickly. This is due of course to the 7th generation Intel core i5 processor.

The Galaxy Book comes in two sizes, the 10.6” and 12”. The latter size was the one that I reviewed. It came with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB solid state drive, other options include the 128 and 64 GB storage.

What is cool about the storage is that you can add a microSD card to take care of your big storage needs.



The S Pen is another integral part of this device. I was really impressed with how smooth and flowing the pen was. It performed well on One Note, if you are a One Note user then you will appreciate using the S Pen in making notes during those office meetings or jotting down reminders. Even though this is a Windows device, Samsung included the Samsung Notes for drawing and the Samsung Flow for syncing with your Samsung smartphone. There is also the SketchBook app for drawing.

The S Pen works on making annotations on images as well. For those images that you need to markup in doing a project, this option makes it easier to get the job done.



Taking a look at the device, on the top are the power and volume buttons, along with the fan vent. It also comes with two speakers on both sides, the microSD tray, two type C USB ports, audio port for headphones, and at the bottom the keyboard dock port.



What is really cool is that the keyboard and stylus don’t need to be charged.

Using the Galaxy Book as a tablet only feels a little heavy and due to the size, it is difficult to hold for long periods of time. Of course, there is the 10.6” version which is more manageable to hold.

Typing on a flat surface feels good but using it on your lap is a little awkward and shaky. The keyboard itself is not too sturdy and bends when pressure is applied. But having a keyboard that converts into a stand is a plus for this device.



Overall, the 12” Galaxy Book performs well, I like the S Pen and the smooth ink flow it brings in writing and drawing, and the beautiful screen. I like that Samsung includes the keyboard cover and S Pen in the package.

On the downside, the battery life is not that great, I got on average about 8 hours of use on a full charge, also it takes about four hours to charge while using it. The other issue is the keyboard cover is shaky when using on your lap.

Pricing seems a little too high for a device with a mediocre battery and a flimsy keyboard.

Would I get one? If this was going for a few hundred dollars less, yes, I would definitely get one.

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