Samsung launches The Frame TV in Canada

Ok, make a quick guess. Which of these frames on the wall is actually a TV?


The Frame TV from Samsung

Congratulate yourself if you chose the one on the bottom left corner with the mirror picture of a lake. Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t. That’s the point Samsung Canada wanted to make this week by hosting its official Canadian launch of The Frame, the company’s latest television, at the Lumas art gallery in Yorkville, Toronto.

The 4K Ultra high-definition TV, available in 55-inch and 65-inch models do not only exhibit stunning images in vivid colour. It can be mounted flush to the wall or on an easel – just as you would a framed painting. And when you’re not watching you’re not watching a program, The Frame’s screen can be used to display a family photo, a painting or the image of your favourite art work.

“Art has a new canvas,” the invitation to the event said.

At the Lumas on Wednesday, The Frafeaturedred the works of Vancouver’s travel and nature photographer, Callum Snape, and neominimalist, art photographer David Burdeny. Samsung’s new TV was hung alongside the works of artists such as Takashi Murakami, George Hoynigen-Hune, and Tommy Clarke.

“For decades we’ve stared at the same old box,” said Mark Childs, chief marketing officer of Samsung Canada. “Samsung wants to change the way we view the television.”

People normally watch TV programs for three to four hours. The rest of the day, the television is nothing more than an empty screen. Why not turn it into a “frame” for you’re a painting that your love, scene that inspires your, or even family photographs, said Childs.

Of course this frame comes with all the high-tech goodies Samsung’s consumer electronics arm can muster.

The Frame comes with a 4K UHD, HDR, Active Cristal Colour display.  The screen has a light and motion sensor  that help automatically adjust image brightness.

The TV features Samsung’s Smart Hub online gateway for accessing content such as photos, videos, music, social media, and games.  It also has Smart View, which lets users enjoy content stored on their mobile device on their TVs.

The Frame comes with a cute remote control with some voice-activated features. You can also control The Frame from your smartphone.

The TV interfaces with Samsung’s One Connect Box, the slim module which allows users to hook up other devices and sources to their TV without having to reach into the back of the television. With Samsung’s Invisible Connection Kit, the One Connection Box can be tucked out off site up to 15 meters away from The Frame.

Samsung One Connect Box

As for accessories, there’s a studio stand, and customers can buy customizable frames in walnut, beige wood, or white finish to make The Frame really look like a frame.

A quick check at the Best Buy Canada site showed that the 55-inch The Frame retails for $2,699.99, and the 65-inch model will set you back $3,799.99 for a frame which not only shows your favourite picture but also lets you watch games and TV shows in 4K UHD.




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